A “New Chapter” for Providence with Elorza

PROVIDENCE, R.I.____ On Tuesday, Providence elected a new mayor, democratic candidate Jorge Elorza. Elorza defeated former mayor of Providence and independent candidate Vincent “Buddy” Cianci and republican candidate Daniel Harrop.

This race gained national attention due to Cianci’s past of being a two time convicted felon. Cianci has never lost a mayoral race, until on Tuesday when Elorza took home the victory. Cianci “graciously” congratulated Elorza on his victory.

“We have made history, but more importantly we have set Providence on a path to a bright future,” said Elorza during his victory speech at the Biltmore Hotel in Providence.

Elorza won 53 percent of the vote, while Cianci won 44 percent of the vote. Republican mayoral candidate Daniel Harrop won 2.6 percent of the vote and he even voted for Elorza.

“Jorge” chants  took over the room at the Biltmore Hotel for the remainder of the night, while other democratic candidates where making their victory speeches. Elorza gave most of his thanks to his family, parents, and “most of all” his campaign volunteers who helped him with his campaign.

Elorza will take office in January for current mayor Angel Taveras, who was a democratic gubernatorial candidate, but lost in the primary. “One Providence” is now a reality for the new mayor of Providence, Jorge Elorza

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